Iskwew got goals!


My name is Michelle-the iskwew behind Iskwew Health! I am nehiyaw iskwew, a Cree woman who calls Amiskwaciwaskahikan (Edmonton) home for the last 20 years. Since living in the city, I finished my undergrad degree in Social Sciences, found my dream job, reconnected with my Indigenous roots and started a business called Iskwew Health. I am personal trainer, fitness, yoga & Zumba instructor. I consider myself a wellness advocate who believes movement is medicine and connection is everything.

In the humble beginnings, Iskwew Health focused mostly on the physical aspect of wellness by only offering bootcamp classes. Movement & physical activity is imperative for wellness, but is only one aspect. I have found healing and wellness through ceremony, teachings and community. This inspired growth for Iskwew Health and what we would offer. We continue to offer a variety of fitness classes as well as other aspects of wellness such as meditation, sharing circles, ceremony and wellness retreats.

There are four things I am passionate about: wellness, social justice, community development & sakihesowin (self love). These have shaped what Iskwew Health is today. The seven sacred teachings: love, truth, humility, wisdom, honesty, respect and courage will continue to guide me both personally and professionally.

Iskwew Health is a prayer, a vision, a dream and a goal of mine. I believe we all have a voice, a gift, a light to shine in our sometimes dark world. We all have a contribution to make our circle stronger. Iskwew Health, I believe, is one of the things I can offer.

Aiy Hiy!

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