Working on my fitness!

I LOVE challenges! Ok, wait. Let me rephrase that! I LOVE FITNESS/wellness challenges. I would hate for Creator to drop a whole load of challenges in my life! I certainly have had my share of challenges in the last five weeks: broken toes, broken down car and broken routine! I almost wanted to type broken spirit (woe is me mentality! haha!) BUT I've found good friendship and care and the power of rest even during my challenging time.

I know this about myself, I function the best when I have routine in my life!!

And when I am off routine, fitness challenges empower me to get back on track.

I confess, I spent a lot of time on my couch in the last five weeks. Mostly because walking hurt way too much. And truth be told, every time I walked and felt that pain, it took a toll on my mental health due to the worry and the stress of not knowing the outcome. Was I doomed to limp for the rest of my life. Oh yes, this iskwew went down that dark hole! Every step I took, I was reminded that I couldn't do the very thing that was medicine for my mind, body, spirit and heart: fitness. AND honestly, it just made me sad. Plain and simple. So I ate. I think there was a couple of weeks I didn't even cook one meal for myself. The Skip the Dishes folks probably were judging me hard! (haha!)

So now I was accustomed to this new routine. A routine of CHILL. Don't get me wrong, I love to chill. But clothes weren't fitting well, I was becoming sluggish and uninspired. Despite these dreary outcomes that I just laid out, there was one good outcome, one lesson I learned.

The power of REST. Something I am not the best at. It is amazing what rest can do. I had taken a full week off and stayed off my foot. (I watched so much Netflix that week so if you are looking for recommendations, I'm your girl!!!!) I woke up one morning and there was no pain to walk. The swagger was now gone! I was ready to change up my routine. I was ready to fit into my jeans again! But when you've become accustomed to lifestyle, EVEN if it was for 5 weeks, it's hard to change it overnight!

This challenge is right on time!!

So today is the first day of the ISCA Iskwew Fall Fitness challenge!

Our first task was to create 3 SMART goals. I am very goal orientated so another PLUS for me!!

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely!

MY 3 goals are:

1) By December 19 -45 minutes continuous on the stairclimber. I normally would have chose running but my foot isn't ready for running yet.

The stairclimber is a BEAST. It kicks my ass. Quite frankly 45 minutes scares.

So it makes this goal perfect for me.

The next 6 weeks I will spend at least 3-4x/week on the stairclimber.

2) 20 pushups from my toes by the last week of the challenge!

I chose this goal because I wanted to build my upper body strength.

I have been a hard time getting to the yoga studio. I really hit a mental wall in the last 5 weeks. Yoga really helps me with connection to my mind, body, heart and spirit. I do alot of introspection in yoga class sooooo this will be awesome to bring this back into my world.

When I have a strong yoga practice, my upper body, mind and spirt are strong!

I will commit to yoga 3-4x/week

3) Lose 3 ( I think even now I could afford to lose 4) inches off my waist-Dec 19. YUP!! When I gain some weight, it hits the waistline first!

So losing the 3 inches will require eating well. I already will have the exercise component down. But no more Skip! Meal planning. More fruit and veggies-at least one serving of each per day!

It feels good to have these goals to work towards. It gives me focus and motivation.

6 week challenge, WE READY!!!

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