"Over the years I have looked forward to every class you teach! So inclusive and you offer a variety which is so welcoming!"

"I love Michelle's energy and it's that energy that keeps me motivated to come to every class. I first started with the free Zumba classes and now attend the strength and kickboxing classes. I have way more energy and strength thanks to Iskwew Health."

"I attended a zumba class when I went to Edmonton last year at Iskwew Health. I attended because my sister frequently goes to your classes. It was amazing! Dancing with my mom, two sisters and all the amazing people at your studio was awesome. I love your online zumba class as well."

"I have attended your Zumba n Yoga classes. These classes are now a permanent part of my self care  I follow Iskwew Health on Facebook and on Instagram to read your inspirational quotes and positive attitude."

"I enjoy your Zumba classes because you make them so much fun, even though I’m sweating I’m have a great time it doesn’t feel like I’m working out  Thanks so much beautiful!"

"I've attended both your zumba and yoga classes virtually! Sunrise yoga was also lovely Your guidance and wisdom shines bright on those you help xx"

"Love your energy and positivity. I’ve attended virtual yoga. The length of the classes are just right and I appreciate the reminders of self care and compassion. Thanks for being you and all that you do!"

"I like the supportive women. Feeling like we're all the same!"

"I love your energy, your positivity! You are very inspiring  I really enjoy your playlists and how you change up the workouts and classes! I enjoy walking into your studio in person and online because you’re so welcoming"

"March madness was high energy, enjoyed the classes I was able to log in and join"

"I love Iswkwew Health, I attended her zoom classes and appreciated her kind and inspirational words. She is a wonderful teacher and I would recommend her to anyone!"

"It is always a good day when I get to take part in a class, listen to your words of encouragement and even getting a chance to connect again through work just love what you do Maarsii pi Hiy Hi"

"I love the variety of classes and Michelle’s energy. Bootcamp and Zumba are my favs"

"Since I believe January I have attended all the virtual classes!! I absolutely love them. I love your energy and the confidence you give me and have yourself! You make me want to push myself. I love the inspirational quotes you are always posting too. You are amazing and strong!!! I am happy to found you. I am from Winnepeg, MB"

“I started attending Iskwew Health in Winter/Spring of 2016. I joined to get myself active and just out of the house. I was in a place where I was tired of feeling well… tired all the time and alone. I was told by a friend that there was this inexpensive place where the instructor was Indigenous and therefore educated in the struggles we indigenous women face when it comes to self care. So I tried it out! Four years later I never expected that I would embark on this healing journey that took me farther than just being physically active. I found a place that I could heal from all my traumas, a place where I felt safe to be who I was and know that I had a community of support behind me. I found sisters that would love me no matter what and an instructor who would become my biggest mentor and become my nisîmis (younger sister). I have struggled my whole life with female relationships due to trauma and now I feel secure in the relationships born at Iskwew Health! Also, I should mention I found myself and in doing so found my passion for being healthy and am falling in love with who I am and my body more and more each day!”